Stay on your mat or Oochie Ouchie

One of the lessons that is often taught in yoga is to, stay on your mat. As a teacher this is what i tell a lot of first time students and friends that are practing yoga for the first time.  This is a literal instruction as well as a metaphor that recently while practicing I forgot.  I know, when practicing hot yoga that I need to 1) stay in the room, which is sometimes the biggest challenge on a humid day 2) release judgement of myself (and others), 3) listen to my body, and 4) take the lessons learned on the mat, into life off-the-mat (outside the yoga studio).  We should work to eliminate what Beyonce calls in her song… ‘A Big Ego’!

Several sundays ago at the studio I ran into my Big Ego and totally lost touch with lessons 2 and 3.
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Making My Way to A New Opportunity

It is funny, like ironic funny, not ha-ha funny that all my wishes, mistakes and desires have led me to the exact moment I am experiencing right now. Not necessarily the insomnia I am suffering from typing this post at 2:44 AM, nor the reason for my restlessness – thinking/dreaming about work projects. I am referring to my new role, in my new city, living my new apartment, and starting a new chapter in my young life.

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Take your vacation days

I received some great advice from a recruiter many years ago, she said, “No matter where you go to work, always take all of your vacation days.” When I was younger in my career I was always worried about asking my manager if it was O.K. to take my vacation days, which I now see is odd. It is kind of like asking my manager if I can spend my paycheck!  Vacation days are like money, however unlike money you can’t put them in a bank and invest them thinking they will grow. Continue reading

The Happiness Project

I find that when I travel for work, I get time to do two things I love: read and sleep, mostly on the plane. Back in January while traveling for work I stopped at the news stand and ran across this book, The Happiness Project.  The cover art reminded me of the top of the New York Cityscape that I would see from my friends balcony. emotional response to the imagery (i.e. good marketing) and the guilty pleasure I find in self-help books, drove me to make the purchase. Continue reading

S.M.A.R.T. goals finish first!

With the new year I’ve been tasked with a new job.  An exhaustive list of metrics to manage and some developmental goals. Now if you and your manager aren’t having conversations about your areas for development, you aren’t properly positioning yourself for your next role. As the CEO of You, it should be imperative to figure out where you can improve your skills to prepare yourself for that next rung of the ladder.
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School/Work Clothes vs. Play Clothes

Clothes hanger on wall, slightly off center

Clothes hanger on wall, slightly off center (Photo credit: keeeeegan)

When I was a kid, I had two sets of clothing. One set was my array of school clothes, which included khaki’s, button up shirts, skirts, and penny  loafers; the other was my set of play clothes, which included my jeans, sneakers and sweat and t-shirts.  My mother began training  me at a young age that I needed to dress for the occasion and she inadvertently effected a mental shift that made me ready either for work or play.  This type of psychological shift was recently reviewed in a freakonomics blog entitled The Thinking Jacket.

Depending on where you work or go to school you might have a prescribed or an implied uniform and your mental readiness  may be become attuned to your attire.
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